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There are a lot of very helpful resources available to todayís computer savvy musician but I think there will always be a need for private one-on-one instruction. I have been fortunate to study with some of the best teachers and musicians in the field. I have studied Classical guitar with worldwide virtuosos Eliot Fisk, David Leisner, Mark Delpriora and Keith Crook. Iíve studied Jazz guitar with local favorites Tony Gabouri, Gary Whittner and Tom Hoffman as well as advanced Jazz studies with one of Bostonís most in-demand pianists, Mark Shilansky. I have studied composition with nationally acclaimed composer Charles Fussell, Maineís composer lauriate Elliot Shwartz as well as Dan Sonenberg and J. Mark Scearce. I am also grateful to Richard Nelson and Craig McRea who taught me the basics of music from a very early age. There is something about studying with a great musician that gives you a whole new perspective on music. When Eliot Fisk talks about personally playing for Segovia or playing over the entire world, it gives you a connection to the music that you can only get from a one on one relationship with someone who has an active interest in you as a musician. I feel very privileged to have studied with these great teachers and musicians and I aspire to live up to their example.


Being a good teacher takes more than just being able to play your instrument well. I can call any of my former teachers up at any time and ask for a recommendation or their advice. They were more than just instructors but also mentors and they all had mentors in their lives as well. I have had some students for many years and Iíve seen some of them start out at 9 years old and then wish them good luck in college ten years later, only to get a call later on about starting up lessons again and even set up some lessons for their own 9 year old. I guess when youíve been teaching for over 25 years that can happen. It is the relationships I develop with my students that I most cherish. Teaching, for me, is not really just a way to ďpay the billsĒ but something I will always want to do. I truly love my job and consider it a great responsibility and privilege.