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Pride School of Music offers quality musical instruction in a variety of styles. We believe that music is an art form that is best learned by studying with active and professional musicians. The best way to learn an instrument is to study with someone who has been doing it for a long time and has been trained and educated in all aspects of music. It is our desire to see our students become more than just guitar or piano players. Our goal is to produce creative and skillful musicians capable of contributing to Greater Portlandís musical community, no matter what style they are studying.

 We offer guitar and bass guitar lessons to students of any level, from beginner to advance. All styles are taught, including Classical, Jazz, Rock, Country and Blues. Good music is good music, no matter what the style. All students are taught the basics of music, including skills like reading tablature and standard notation as well as learning about chords, scales, rhythm and how these are all combined to make music work. These concepts are universal, regardless of style. Students will also develop their own repertoire of songs, however, that focus on the style of music they choose to specialize in. In this way, the student will be learning the basic skills essential to being a well-rounded musician but will also get the satisfaction of playing music they like relatively quickly. In a typical week, we teach everything from Green Day to Miles Davis to B.B. King to Bach and we like it that way!

We also offer beginning piano lessons as well as a special program that uses the Chord Method to put you on the fast track to playing music you like on the piano right away. Many people just want piano lessons so they can accompany themselves or others while they sing. Our Chord Method will help you understand how chords, scales and harmony work so you can either start playing your favorite songs or even write your own music.

Pride School of Music also offers private composition and songwriting lessons. Through the study of music theory as well as hands-on advice and suggestions about student compositions, the student will become more creative and develop their musical tools as composers. We also offer instruction on using music software like Finale to take your music even further.